The Norman Transcript

February 27, 2013

I appreciate the dialogue

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

This letter is not to chide Mr. Earl Herfurth for his actions, although I do disagree with them. This letter is to chide the editorial staff of The Transcript for not printing a precautionary statement beside Mr. Herfurth’s letter.

The statement might have been as follows: “The Transcript believes that no one should call one of our letter writers for any reason other than to say, ‘Nice letter. I agree with you.’ Or possibly to ask for a minor clarification. The best response to a letter is a letter of your own.”

I’ve written numerous letters to each of the local papers and have never received a call. I appreciate that. I have read many responses to my letters, in the paper, a few days later (some even fairly strongly worded). I appreciate them all. I like having what I call a “conversation” in the letters section. I write letters to try to correct what I believe are wrong-headed ideas, to try and convince folks of the validity of ideas I subscribe to, to compliment someone or a group, to ask questions and, to put it bluntly, to have fun. I even ended one of my letters by saying, “That’s enough fun for now.”  

If you (specifically the editor(s) of the paper, but anyone may comment) disagree with my reproach, do not call. Write a letter. Conversations welcome.



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