The Norman Transcript

October 18, 2013

Wild behavior not tolerated

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

I have lived in Norman off and on for about 20 years and I love this city. I graduated from OU and worked both on the main campus and at the Health Sciences Center. I have lived very near the main campus over all these years and found it to be an invigorating atmosphere and a lovely neighborhood.

A few weeks ago, members of the Norman Police Department visited door to door introducing themselves and handing out fliers about neighborhood courtesy, parking regulations, etc. I was very impressed and relieved at their efforts.

Our neighborhood has become overrun with homes that have been purchased as rental property for college students, many associated with overflow from sororities and fraternities. This is a concern for the families who live here and fear that the neighborhood will, or has, become a rental slum for irresponsible students.

This last weekend when OU played TCU, we had our grandchildren, children and friends over to watch the game. Well before the game started, a keg party had begun in a house nearby.

Our grandchildren, other neighbors and visitors to our house witnessed numerous young men urinating in public outside in broad daylight. Our neighbors talked to us that day and said it was a regular occurrence on game days, one telling us they were even opening their gate and going into her backyard to urinate on her bushes.

Young people, both male and female, regularly relieve themselves outside in other people’s yards, on their fences, etc., as they apparently overwhelm their own indoor facilities.

We called the police and they responded quickly. We sincerely thank them for that. We do not want our neighborhood to become a barnyard, not to mention that exposing one’s genitalia in public is potentially a crime in itself, I believe.

We take care of our lawns, walk our dogs, host our children and grandchildren and expect respect from our neighbors in kind.

The other neighbors, some with small children, some infants, have not called the police because they fear repercussions from the persons who are indulging in this bad behavior.

I respect that the Norman police are trying their best to get a handle on these situations. We just need a little more help. We love our neighborhood and do not want to see its further decent into a ghetto.

I must also say that there are several houses with young renters who behave very properly, live quietly and are very nice. I do not want to paint the entire neighborhood with accusations of bad behavior.