The Norman Transcript

July 14, 2013

The nation of our founders is disappearing

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

On June 28, Mack Paul wrote of his wonderful childhood in what he considers “a great bastion of American socialism and social mobility that we know as the United States Air Force.” I would like to reply to his letter, if I may.

Like his father, I served in the U.S. Air Force as an officer. I agree that the military is similar to socialism, but consider this. When you enter the military, you become subject to a different justice system and forfeit your individual rights.

You are told what to wear, what work you must perform and when and where you must perform your assigned duties. The president becomes your commander-in-chief, and whether you like him or not, you must obey any lawful order he issues.

Yes, the military provides for its members and if you forget the fact that you may lose your life when performing your duties, the military provides a degree of security.

But the military people I knew were not fighting to make this a socialist nation. They were voluntarily serving so they, their children and friends could live in a free country and enjoy individual freedom.

We took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution as it is written. The founding of this nation was exceptional in that the citizen was superior to the government, that the government was elected by the citizens and limited in its power over the citizens.

I am concerned that the nation of our founders is rapidly disappearing. President Obama campaigned on the promise to fundamentally change this nation. He did not define what kind of nation he desired but did provide a clue when he told Joe the plumber that he thought there should necessarily be a transfer of wealth. I assume he means to use the power of government to take the product of one person’s labor and to give it to another person.

As a retired military professional, it bothers me that my president as commander-in-chief ignores an ambassador’s pleas for help. The ambassador is being killed by terrorists and we don’t send help.

Worst, to cover this inaction, President Obama and his administration made up a lie — a lie they told this nation, the world and the families of those who were killed. This destroyed any respect I have for him as president or as a fellow human. This great nation doesn’t just leave our people to be murdered by terrorists.

It bothers me when the IRS, or any government agency, chooses sides in our political system. It bothers me when parents have to go to court to force my government to allow their young daughter to receive a donated organ to save their child’s life. It bothers me when the president of this nation refuses to allow schoolchildren to visit the White House while he and his family travel and spend like royalty.

I do not think there is anything much sadder than the sight of hungry children. Personally, I think every child deserves a sober mother and father who love and care for them. Our government struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and no longer considers the family (a mother, father and child) the primary unit of our society.

We are transferring the responsibility for the care of our children from the family to the government. As long as this trend remains, I believe the lines of those standing in line for government food will continue to grow.

I still love this nation as it was founded. I spent more than 30 years of my life in the military to protect our individual freedom. It hurts to see this freedom being given away at the ballot box. Citizens are willingly giving up their freedom for a perceived security.

We are transforming this nation into one where the government is superior to the citizens. History shows that the citizens do not fare well in nations where the government is superior.

Freedom is never cheap. It must be fought for. I pray that the Fourth of July doesn’t become just another holiday in this nation like Labor Day.