The Norman Transcript

April 14, 2013

Opposition to health care reform not touting rational reasoning

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

There are indications that many in our country oppose the National Health Care Act (Obamacare) simply because they relate it to our president. Some politicians even acknowledge they could not get approved any government program seen as coming from the president. We are becoming a stronger more diversified country, yet regrettably, we still have many, even some implying and some even expressing to me, that a person of African American heritage should not be in the White House.

This attitude is a disgrace to me, a disabled Korean war veteran, to my many comrades of different races, to all those who died in our many wars, and those living with wounded minds and bodies, the price it costs to keep America a free country.

The extreme efforts to get Obamacare abolished and not accept the expanded Medicaid cannot all be related to efforts to cut government costs.

These critics should have worked to keep our country from being involved in all the unpaid wars that made many rich and companies trillions on war contracts and put us trillions of dollars in debt.

They need to find ways to cut our massive debt without restricting medical support to the poor and old.

The wars we have been in were responsible for the deaths and wounding of so many of my comrades leaving many of us with memories that don’t go away.

Our country is still paying for the care of those of us injured and the medical care and benefits for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars alone are estimated to be over $1 trillion.

Edward V. Harris


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