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April 14, 2013

The mother government

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

Once the socialist Democratic Party and their beloved liberal President Obama are through there won’t be room left for businesses or individuals to excel or have initiative.  Why?  What is the incentive?  The government after all is the solution to everything. To listen to these folks spin their pseudo-Marxist philosophy you wonder where the government has been all our lives.  Oh, that’s right; it was here even before the Revolution.

For the Democratic leadership and the Obama Administration the government will fix all our problems.  The government in their minds has become the mother of us all.  Everything from healthcare to gun-control to birth-control pills the mother government knows what is best for her children. 

No doubt the President will once again trot out those heart-broken Sandy Hook families to shame us and show us how silly we are for holding firmly to the Second Amendment with the same passion as the media would to the First Amendment.

The mother government knows best.  You honestly believe marriage is an institution between a male and female? Bigot, who do you think you are? Just because you were raised all your life to believe the Bible or trust the historicity of nature and civilizations mother government is here to straighten your skull full of mush out.  You think you have the right to train your children or that your children belong to you?  Think again. 

Your children are owned by the community and all your money belongs to the government.  In fact, you have a business?  You didn’t build that.  There is nothing that has ever been done here in America that has been accomplished by individual initiative or individual rugged-ism.  You must comply.

Herein ladies and gentlemen is the real social evil running amuck.  The idea that the mother state (the government) owns the individual. 

The Democratic Party and President Obama don’t believe there is a difference between the fundamental rights of self-ownership and government.  Nietzsche once said, “Everything the State has is stolen.”

Thanks to the Democratic Party we are witnessing the destruction of capital and individualism.

Bruce Kessler


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