The Norman Transcript

September 5, 2013

What do you name a toad?

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

Don’t you like the names people select for their pets?

In this university town, there are many Boomer or Sooner dogs and cats. There is Fourby, named for the four well-known coaches whose names began with the letter B (Benny, Bud, Barry and Bob).

The Heisman winners seem to have been overlooked, except for a few Sammy dogs that seem to be older than Bradshaw’s glory time.

A householder who lives in the campus area knows that at the end of a semester, he will soon have abandoned, hungry animals looking for food and shelter. As the householder hunts for homes for the pitiful creatures, he feeds them but calls them by such names as Mother Cat (the one with a tiny kitten), Black Cat or ODC (the one that doesn’t want to be an Outdoor Cat but settles for what he can get until he finally works his way inside). There was the beautiful, long haired cat that hissed in fear at all the strange cats. His hissing earned him the name Alger.

As I said, pets names are interesting, but what can you name a toad?

About two weeks ago, a tiny brown toad appeared in my kitchen. My two cats sniffed him but walked away. So the toad settled in.

I have no idea what he eats, but he swims in the cats’ water bowls that must then be emptied and cleaned several times a day. Everyone I know has offered a suggestion as to how to get him outside. I’ve tried them all, except the one where I buy a butterfly net.

So I call him Toady, Terrance or Thaddeus. I hope the name shouldn’t be Thelma.

And now, I go to clean the water bowls.