The Norman Transcript

August 4, 2013

Farm Bill provision does not need to pass

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

Rep. Steve King, of Iowa, slipped a last-minute provision into the House version of the Farm Bill that would undo state laws that protect farm animals, dogs raised in cruel puppy mills and horses up for slaughter.

Additionally, it would undo state laws that protect the environment, our food safety and farm workers.

Luckily, Oklahoma Rep. Frank Lucas is expected to be one of the congresspersons on the deciding conference committee for the bill.

Given this position of influence and his constituents’ long-standing and deeply held value of treating all creatures with basic decency, it is imperative that Oklahomans urge Rep. Lucas to oppose the King Amendment to the 2013 Farm Bill.

Bob Ingersoll and Katelynn Stepien