The Norman Transcript

June 9, 2013

Public not fooled by GOP’s ‘mind tricks’

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

After reading last Sunday’s “Your View” letter from one of our resident conservative whiners accusing The Transcript of assaulting Republicans by presenting a different view than his, I feel a response is necessary.

First, talking about two separate ideas in one letter doesn’t necessarily associate them any more than being in the room with a mass murderer associates you with that person.

My letter stated that specifically the Moore teachers but also public school teachers everywhere show unspeakable courage to educate, nurture, and protect their students.

The examples of teacher courage during the tornado were just those, examples. Teachers care for and protect their students every day. The second part of my letter tried to make people aware that these same teachers are under attack daily from the Republican machine bent on ending public school education as we know it. Only a vivid imagination could possibly connect and blame Republican policies with the tornado. Give me a break!

The real message from this “persecuted” writer is similar to a scene in the first Star Wars movie when Obi Wan waves his hand and tells the storm troopers “these aren’t the droids you are looking for.”

Republicans try daily to use this Jedi mind trick on the weak-minded to convince them that what they see is not really what is there. Some examples follow. The Oklahoma Republicans cut common education funding by 20 percent in the last 4 years; “these aren’t the cuts you’re looking for.” The Oklahoma Republicans cut higher education so deeply that President Boren has stated that O.U. will soon become an underfunded, average university; “these aren’t the higher education funds you are looking for.” The Republicans and the Governor cut the state income tax for the rich while schools and teachers suffer with less; “these aren’t the funds you’re looking for.”

The Governor turned down $52 million in health care aid for the working poor to prove a point about the federal government getting into our state’s business and then she cries for disaster aid from that same federal government for the recent tornadoes; “this isn’t what is really happening.” This list could go on and on from affordable health care to background checks for weapons to making the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes.

The Republicans stand at the microphone (or write letters to editors), wave a hand and say, “the policies we support aren’t the ones you’re looking for, so blame someone else.”

Well, misleading associations and Jedi mind tricks don’t work on the majority of Americans (see the last two elections) and the trashing of teachers and public education by Republicans won’t work either because “the Force is with us!”

“Great Job, Teach!”