The Norman Transcript

June 9, 2013

Political parties a group of individuals, not a homogenous band

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

Steve Byas’ June 6 Transcript editorial , complains of Democratic Party election tactics so shortly after the mayoral election here loaded with Republican shenanigans that one must be appalled and amused simultaneously.

He does not seem to separate individual Republicans from the Republican Party. I will give my view of Republicans versus their party using two actions of the just concluded legislative session.

 Today’s GOP, not all Republicans, is clearly less compassionate and caring for all people than the Democratic Party.

An example of this is the Oklahoma GOP indeed does not spend enough on public schools. During the period that the GOP has been in control of the State government, spending on schools dropped 20 percent while enrollment increased by 30 percent.

The increase in school funds this session will be little more than meeting the increase in enrollment.

They could have increased easily support but instead gave an income tax cut that primarily went to the highest income bracket.

They continued the giveaway of taxpayer money to influential friends in the form of incentives and even added more at the same time Republican Rep. Dank was trying to bring sanity to this giveaway. They have declined to mandate safe rooms in public schools. And if we are delving into the past as Mr. Byas did, remember Gov. Keating’s infamous statement that teachers are slugs and that reflects on Republican support for public schools and teachers.

 Gov. Fallin remains adamant against expanding Medicaid here for ideological reasons although Arizona’s Gov. Brewer with similar ideologies is trying to force the fringe group there to expanded Medicaid.

Gov. Fallin talks of developing an Oklahoma program that would only cover a small fraction of Oklahomans that would be covered by the Medicaid expansion. Republican Rep. Cox has repeatedly attempted to convince her to relent for the benefit of those Oklahomans that will needlessly be deprived of coverage. The Oklahoma GOP sides with Fallin.

 Most Republicans are compassionate about the members of their particular community.

Most Oklahomans know we are a single community in facing our weather lottery where we hope we are not a loser and then feel dreadfully sorry for those that are.

This is especially true for the recent group of storms where so many fellow Oklahomans have suffered.

That is true for how Republicans, Democrats, Independents and most everyone else feel.