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September 23, 2012

Group needs wheels

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

The eastern most part of Cleveland County is home to Lake Thunderbird and is a geographic area known as the Cross Timbers.

While there is a great beauty in this area, it is very rural and, in some areas, the road conditions can be rather daunting. The folks who live in this region, many who are either living at the poverty level or have low incomes, face many challenges. When bad weather comes, it can take a good while for roads to clear and for downed utilities to come back online.

At Aging Services Inc., we believe that providing meals to folks who are home bound and living in this area is extremely important. For the past 36 years, Aging Services Inc. has operated a county-wide home delivered meal program for all of Cleveland County. Aging Services Inc. is a nonprofit organization that operates mainly with funding from the Older Americans Act/Title III program.

While we primarily work with the assistance of many volunteers to deliver meals to the home bound, our program has become large enough that we also employ food carriers who make deliveries in the far reaches of the county.

About six weeks ago, the old Subaru Forrester that we used for service in the far eastern area of Cleveland County broke down. Our mechanic told us it is beyond repair, so now we are in need of another delivery vehicle. However, we simply do not have the funds in our budge to make this purchase.

If you wish to help us through the donation of a used vehicle in good condition, or make a monetary donation to be used toward the purchase of one, please contact Aging Services Inc. at 321-3200. We would be glad to give you our heartfelt thanks, as will the recipients of our home delivered meals.

We will, of course, also provide you a donation letter that allows you to take a deduction off your 2012 taxes. Please consider helping us so that we can continue to help the senior adults in need of our community.

Thank you,


Executive Director


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