The Norman Transcript

September 1, 2013

Gap between rich and poor growing

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

A recent survey shows that four out of five adults have had problems with joblessness, poverty or had to depend on welfare at one time in their lives. This is depressing news and most of us are now beginning to realize the gap between the rich and poor is getting greater.

My friends and relatives that are searching for jobs are now finding the numbers applying are increasing and the offers less. Neither the Democrat or Republican politicians have given us very good solutions to the problems. Most seem to be mainly concerned about their rich backers.

Yet, the Republican politicians seem to be more active in trying to demolish the system and cut government assistance as demonstrated by those in Congress trying 40 times to get PPACA (Obamacare) overturned and some even wanting to shut the government down to do this.

It is hard to understand why an Oklahoma war veteran, who flew fighter bombers over Europe during World War II, was criticized by numerous readers when he criticized Republicans for their stand on cutting social security and encouraging excessive profits of the rich over the average worker.

He argued in a letter to an Oklahoma paper that Republican politicians are more at fault for this and asked why American workers are still voting for them.

There is no doubt that loss of jobs overseas is a contributing factor to our economy, yet in placing blame, people need to remember that our large federal debt was brought on by our many unfunded wars which made the rich even richer on their government contracts and war costs.

Edward V. Harris