The Norman Transcript

September 1, 2013

Liberal letters don’t do justice to the truth

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

The 1st Rule of Liberalism: Always accuse the Right of what the Left is actually doing.

Case in point: Three pro Obamacare letters from liberals (Paul, Jewell, Vaughn) in less than 3 weeks compared to just 1 letter against (Logan).

Aug. 27, Mack Paul attacks local conservative Bill Logan for “venting his spleen and not arguing a point” in a letter to the editor written by Logan and printed in The Transcript August 23.

Mr. Logan rebuts local liberal Nadine Jewell’s diatribe appearing on August 18th. Mrs. Jewell’s letter, which reads more like an advertisement from the Democrat Party, belongs more in the classified ads section of a newspaper than the op-ed page. What point was she making, Mr. Paul? Logan, as usual points out the fallacy of the marching orders of the DNC, via Mrs. Jewell as their local mouthpiece, using very few words to do so.

Perhaps Mack Paul should read Phil H. Vaughn’s mindless drivel, the most recent one being August 8. What point was he making, Mr. Paul? For years Mr. Vaughn has vented his spleen, always at Republicans and most usually at George W. Bush and his favorite target, former VP Dick Cheney. I will never understand why the Transcript allows Phil H. Vaughn to attack people on the op-ed page rather than requiring him to stick to the issues. Not once has Vaughn made an intelligent comment toward resolving any issue that faces our Nation. Note to Mr. Vaughn: Someday a Republican will be in the White House, and those drones over your head will be built and designed by Halliburton. Will you still approve of them then?

Conservatives must submit very short letters to the editor of The Transcript, or they will be “edited due to space” and other reasons, while no ink is spared and extra tons paper ordered to make sure as many liberals as possible rebut, rebuke, lie and attack not just any point made by a conservative, but attacking the messenger as well.

Kevin Posey