The Norman Transcript

September 7, 2013

Lindsey Street project should help, not hinder, traffic

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

Can you enlighten me as to what the position of the city is in regard to traffic? I always thought that their mission was to expedite traffic, but they seem to feel that it is to impede it.

I didn’t go to talk about the speed humps that are shaking our cars to pieces all over town (if there was any citizen input requested), but I certainly planned to be at the recent meeting for input on the Lindsey Street change.

It seems that there are those who feel that we should beautify the road (at the expense of moving traffic rapidly), but I think that rather than giving people something to look at while they are driving, it would be better for them to watch the road. A median also will deprive the merchants of crossover turns, which bring more customers.

Not many of us enjoy going to the end of the block to make a U-turn to return to their entrances, as we’ve found that we have to do on Main Street. Instead, we just go somewhere else to shop.

We need four lanes on Lindsey without a median so we can pull over and turn into those stores. For beauty, we can go to the parks that Norman maintains or even walk through the OU campus.

One-lane traffic also will cause people to abandon Lindsey as an arterial street and send them instead into residential neighborhood streets parallel to Lindsey; definitely bad for those people who have bought into what they planned to be only a residential neighborhood.

I read that there will be a lane set aside for bicycles and buses. Will that also accommodate us when we have to pull over to allow emergency vehicles to pass? Will the roundabouts also slow the vehicles? I’d hate to have my house on fire or be having a heart attack and have them slowed in approaching my house.

I live south of Lindsey and enter Lindsey on Berry Road or Pickard Avenue, and I can’t imagine ever having a space available to enter Lindsey without a signal light to stop the heavy Lindsey traffic.

I foresee accidents as people try to beat the oncoming traffic to enter roundabouts after waiting indeterminable amounts of time and never getting space sufficient enough to enter. The yield sign might as well be a stop sign that never changes. I’m told that there was once a roundabout in Oklahoma City at I-35 and Northeast 23rd and people were just thrilled when it was removed, as it was of no help at all.

There seems to be an interest in having lanes for bicycles. Why can’t they use parallel streets where traffic is not so heavy? I wish I had figures as to how many bicyclists there are in Norman compared with the number of automobile drivers. I believe that the cars would outnumber the bicycles by a considerable amount.

It is nice to do for minorities as much as we can afford, but I don’t think that we should let them rule. Our government was founded on doing the most good for the greatest number, and this idea of a median is not what the majority needs or wants.

Nina Zaffle