The Norman Transcript

September 22, 2013

Obama has failed to act accordingly regarding Syria

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

The situation that our country is in concerning what to do about Syria makes me think of a schoolyard playground.

When two boys got to having problems, one would draw a line in the dirt and double-dog dared the other to cross it. If the line was crossed, whether the fight started or if the line drawer did nothing, he was labeled forever as a wimp.

Apparently our president did not have such an experience when he was in school in Indonesia, or if he did he forgot the consequences.

President Obama is long on rhetoric and short on action. He drew the red line, and when Assad crossed, the president began to waffle and try to get out of the mess that he started with his remarks.

The net result of what has happened is that the greatest country in the world has lost credibility on the International stage. I wish I was as smart as the talking head on TV who seems to have the answer to all problems.

My grandfather left what was then Syria to come to this country for a better life and to escape the persecution of his Christian religion. I have traveled extensively in the Middle East and have some knowledge of the region.

The United States has no business in interfering militarily in the Syrian crisis. We aren’t sure who the good guys are in this mess. On one side you have Bashir Assad, a tyrant who is killing his own people, and on the other, you have a collection of groups including Iranians, Hezbollah and who knows what else.

My only concern is the persecution of the Christian minority. In this conflict, churches have been destroyed, prominent clerics have been captured and the Christian population is being systematically devastated.

The only reason that we now have a problem is the president’s use of what now appears to be idle threats. First Obama, ignored the first use of chemical weapons, then called for more evidence the second time the use of chemical weapons were used.

Then he said the red line was drawn by the treaty banning the use of chemical weapons, apparently forgetting his remards on TV. Then he decided that he would seek the approval of Congress, which is unusual from the president who has used executive orders to ignore Congress and the laws, as he did on immigration.

We deserve a president who will lead with determination and who will enforce the laws of the country.