The Norman Transcript

September 22, 2013

America should not get involved in Syria

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

Alan Levenson has discussed well, in a Norman Transcript letter, the issue of bombing Syria.

Evidently the majority of American people agree with Mr. Levenson. Recently, Jeff Faux, a well-known national writer, discussed our many failures in recent foreign wars in an article titled “Americans Are War-Weary, But Washington Is Not.” He also insists large global corporations and arms makers have been the main beneficiaries.

Mr. Levenson also discusses Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham’s advocating a strong military action. Evidently, Sen. McCain, a former prisoner of war, didn’t see or wasn’t aware of death and injury of his comrades, as I, a Korean War combat disabled veteran, was as a combat infantryman.

Our foreign wars have been costly both financially and on people. For the war I was in, 36,516 of our young men never returned and so many more were injured in body and mind.

Linda Bilmes estimates that the financial cost of providing only for Iraq and Afghanistan disabilities and services alone is close to $1 trillion, with the cost of these wars totaling between $4 trillion to $6 trillion.

A relative stated that it took him 15 years to feel normal after the Vietnam War. I believe it took me longer. I still remember and morn those I knew who were killed and am still concerned about those who were injured.

We do not need to be policing the world, and hopefully the American people will continue to be against our involvement in more foreign wars. More people will get richer from government contracts from these.

Edward V. Harris