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October 13, 2013

Government shutdown could have been avoided

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

Rep. Tom Cole (R,OK) insists “Shut down is not the solution,” yet, I am sure he is aware that leaading Republican strategists have planned to shut down the government for over a year. The Republicans were not winning the battle in getting the Affordable Health Care Act repealed or cut so they raised enoumous funds to push this strategy and encouraged Republican lawmakers to back the shutdown.

The Koch brothers and various groups of right wing organizations have been funding this effort.

This is no different from other political actions from both parties in the past, but it seems to me to be more money involved than anything I have ever seen before.

The level to which our political lawmakers and strategists have now gone concerns me greatly and I am apalled about the lack of feeling of many people in our country today. An article in the Huffington Post shows people holding up penciled placecards saying how Obamacare saved their lives and some dictators made comments about the pictures and said they were probably faked to push Obamacare.

The Affordable Care Act is not perfect, but as Rep. Cole says, it has been modified and saved money and can be improved over time.

Many rules and regulations are desperately needed, especially the one on existing conditions. If it is repealed as the shutdown blackmail aims to do, what happens to the better parts of the act?

The majority of Americans don’t believe there should have been a shutdown and it needs to be stopped.

We should not just settle with putting part of the federal government back to work as Rep. Cole advocates. I have agreed and respected Rep. Cole on many stances he has taken in the past, but if a vote is allowed in the House, will he vote to stop the shutdown?

Edward V. Harris

Hugo, Okla.

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