The Norman Transcript

November 3, 2013

How to solve the health care website

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

Please forward this to Obama and Secretary Sebelius.

How to solve the Obamacare website problem:

1. FedGov offers a $5,000,000 reward.

2. Programmer/Hacker Ican Doit (Phil, for short) hacks the existing broken system.

3. Phil figures out what that system is supposed to do.

4. Phil codes a system to do it and tests it.

5. Phil turns over his working system to FedGov.

6. Phil gets the $5 million (completely tax free, of course).

7. Phil goes to Disneyland.

8. Problem solved, before Thanksgiving, and liberals rejoice that they can stop trying to figure out how to blame Bush.

9. Contractors hired by FedGov return what they were paid.

10. Savings to U.S. Treasury, i.e., us taxpayers: more than $600 million.

Note: America has many Phils.

You’re welcome. No charge.

P.S. Axiom about computer development projects: If the project is screwed up, adding personnel will only make it worse — unless, of course, the original personnel are totally incompetent.