The Norman Transcript

February 21, 2011

Gridiron show reveals naked truth

By Mick Hinton
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — The Gridiron’s annual political farce opening this week in Oklahoma City is as bawdy and irreverent as ever with the cast lampooning new Republican leaders at the state Capitol and Democrats in Washington.

 Those attending should be ready for satirical surprises, including a couple that they would never hear nor see in Sunday school class.

You might recall that weeks ago, a woman clad in panties and bra made an appearance at the Will Rogers World Airport security check point.  The lady was perturbed by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) mistreating passengers with what she said were intrusive shakedowns.

The Gridiron cast couldn’t let this happening go unnoticed since it made national and international news.  What they came up with is a grand surprise.

The fact that Oklahoma has elected its first-ever woman governor does not go unnoticed. New governor Mary Fallin is portrayed by Megan Glyckherr whose enthusiasm gets the whole cast going with song and dance in the combined city and state scene.

The Gridiron show is loosely linked to “Alice in Wonderland,” but this time it is not about Oklahoma but about “Mary Land,” as in governor.

Ninety-some percent of this year’s show was written by rural Norman resident Ellie Sutter, who slips in and out of scenes.  For one, Sutter is a witch in Mary Land.  Sutter is accompanied in song by  Carol Cole-Frowe of Norman and Dana Meister of Oklahoma City.

 In the federal scene, the witches’ harmonious shrieking is interrupted by the one and only President Barack Obama.  Portrayed by Bart Vleugels of Oklahoma City, Obama is a sight and sound to behold.

Be on the lookout for Gridiron’s own Nancy Pelosi, the former U.S. House Speaker, demoted to leader of the minority House Democrats.  Portrayed by Judy Murphy of Norman, Pelosi reiterates that she never turned down any political perks  that she “merely deserved.”

Scores of other wanna-be actors who come from the ranks of journalism and broadcasting, prove that politics can be not only serious but also great fun.

Yes, Gridlock the Magnificent is back again to entertain the crowd during intermission.   Bill Perry with OETA channel stars as Oklahoma’s version of Johnny Carson who uses his mental powers  to entertain the audience with answers to questions he’s never heard before.

Gridlock is accompanied by sidekick, Ed McMahan, as portrayed by Michael Cross, a public radio broadcaster for Oklahoma State University.

The show opens on Wednesday at 7:30 in the Lyric Theatre at 1725 NW 16th St., .and repeated at the same time on Friday and Saturday.   The show is a benefit providing scholarships to fledgling journalists.

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