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March 29, 2013

Court orders man’s DNA taken in homicide cold case

By Jessica Bruha
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Norman police recently obtained DNA samples from a murder suspect in a homicide that occurred here more than 20 years ago.

A search warrant was granted for 48-year-old Timothy John Bates, aka Anthony Archilta, last week by Cleveland County District Judge Tom Lucas. Police returned the search warrant inventory on Monday in the form of two DNA swab samples.

Bates was not apprehended. Police are now waiting for the results of the DNA tests to come back from OSBI.

Police Capt. Tom Easley said Bates is a suspect in the murder of Dorothy Estes. Police found Estes deceased around 7 a.m. May 8, 1989, in her home at 800 Lexington St. after responding to a call in reference to a sick or expired person.

The medical examiner determined the cause of death to be suffocation or asphyxiation. Estes was found nude from the waist down. It was not determined if she had been raped, but several items of evidence were obtained by police with the potential of being further analyzed for DNA, stated the search warrant filed Tuesday in Oklahoma County District Court.


Similar findings at another scene: During the course of the investigation into Estes’ homicide, a Norman detective learned that the Anadarko Police Department had a homicide on July 10, 1989 (two months after Estes’ homicide), with similar findings at the crime scene.

Diane Shenold was found at her Anadarko home, nude from the waste down, and her cause of death was determined to be asphyxiation. Investigators found evidence consistent with Shenold being raped, the search warrant stated.

Three months later, the FBI identified Bates as being the semen donor in relation to Shenold’s homicide. He was charged with first-degree murder and was subsequently acquitted, therefore his DNA sample was no longer available, the document stated.

The document also stated that during an interview for the Anadarko homicide, Bates provided a timeline for when he resided in Texas — from early 1986 until March 1989. The Texas rangers were contacted and reported that Bates had been reported several times for obscene telephone harassment reports and was arrested in one incident.

Bates was reported to have said during one of the calls that he was going to get his shotgun and blow the victim away, the search warrant stated.


A history of violence: The Norman detective found that Bates also had ties in Norman and Oklahoma City in regard to threatening phone calls and other crimes. Listed below is a timeline of reports or arrests Bates was involved in, as listed in the search warrant.

· Sept. 2, 1983: Listed as a suspect for obscene communication at the University of Oklahoma. The report filed by the victim stated that Bates called her and told her he wanted to do various sexual acts to her. Notes of the same nature also were left on the victim’s dormitory memo board and on her car.

· June 11, 1988: Indecent exposure/peeping tom report in Norman with Bates listed as the suspect. A warrant request was submitted on the case.

· July 8, 2005: Arrested in Norman for domestic abuse in the presence of a minor child. Bates was accused of striking his stepson in the face and choking the stepson from behind after the stepson fell to the ground.

· Aug. 6, 2010: Listed as a suspect in an obscene, threatening, harassing phone call in Norman. Police learned Bates had left the victim a voicemail threatening physical harm to the victim as well as threats to kill the victim.

· Nov. 13, 2004: Arrested for domestic abuse in the presence of a minor child and assault and battery in Oklahoma City. The report indicates that he knocked a cup of hot coffee out of the victim’s hands onto the bed where a small child laid and then punched the victim five to six times with a closed fist, then placed his fingers around the victim’s throat and attempted to choke her.

· Dec. 31, 2004: Listed as the suspect in reference to a threatening phone call in which he was threatening to “get (the victim)” and come to her house and kill her in Oklahoma City.


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