The Norman Transcript

July 16, 2013

Officials welcome area rain

By Joy Hampton
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Cleveland County commissioners were happy about the rain on Monday.

They said mowing will present a challenge through the county as Johnson grass spouts up faster than ever, but they aren’t complaining. The rain is a welcome relief as summer temperatures had dried out the state again.

Monday afternoon, the Mesonet reading for the north side of Norman indicated that 2.9 inches had accumulated since the weekend, with more rain coming in Monday evening.

“We’ve had an upper low that was out over the eastern U.S. that retreated westward, and it’s just sitting over us spinning,” said John Pike, of the National Weather Service. “That doesn’t happen a whole lot in the summer.”

Pike said last year, Norman received 0.02 inches for the entire month, according to Mesonet measurements.

Meanwhile, tornado recovery continues in the unincorporated area of east Cleveland County damaged on May 19.

“The cleanup is continuing. We started our final pass on construction debris and then we’ll make another pass on vegetative debris,” County Commissioner Darry Stacy said. “It could take another month.”

Stacy said the rain may make it a little more difficult to get to all of the places they need to go, but they’re not complaining about rain in July. Stacy said he believes Norman also is nearing completion of debris cleanup within the city limits.

Norman City Manager Steve Lewis reported last week that TFR would finish grinding vegetative debris on Friday, and that the company has identified a potential alternative disposal/beneficial reuse location for the reduced vegetative debris through a bagged soil manufacturer and distributor in Oklahoma City.

TFR Enterprises anticipates that the haul-out may take approximately two weeks once the final disposal and beneficial reuse site has been permitted.

Commissioners approved the following blanket purchase orders:

· District 2 — John Deere Landscapes Inc. $2,000; Automotive Maintenance Products $500

· District 3 — Metro Glass Inc. $500; Mid-West Hose & Specialty $500; Perfection Equipment Co. Inc. $300; Petroleum Marketers Equipment Co. $500

· Cleveland County Clerk — Oklahoma Office Systems $800; R.K. Black Inc. $800; The Frame Shop LLC $9,500; Cintas First Aid & Safety $400; Copelin’s Office Center $9,100; Transcript Press LLC $300; Interstate Batteries $175; Norman Stamp & Seal Co. $1,000; ARC $2,000; Underground Vaults & Storage $4,500; Pitney Bowes $5,000; Dimensional Concepts $1,000; Cox Communications Inc. $1,680; Sooner Copy Machines $3,500; Reserve Account/ Pitney Bowes $20,000; The Thompson Co. $1,200; Pitney Bowes Inc. $400; Arc $600; BNB Technology $300

· Sheriff’s Department — Occupational Health Center SW $200; Palace Auto Supply $500; Dave’s Small Engine $200

· OSU Extension Center — Sooner Copy Machines $2,400; Norman Stamp & Seal $400;

Commissioners also approved the following purchase orders for Fiscal Year 2013-2014: General Fund $63,830; Highway Fund $10,535; and Health Fund $874; For FY 2012-2013: General Fund $56,494; Highway Fund $9,490; Health Fund $5,277; Sheriff Service Fee Fund $21,716; Sheriff Commissary Fund $3,909; Sheriff Courthouse Security Service Fee Fund $242; Sheriff Revolving Fund $78,109; County Clerk Lien Fee Fund $95; and County Clerk Preservation Fund $1,260.