The Norman Transcript

July 30, 2013

County set to use white board for webinars, education

By Joy Hampton
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Cleveland County has a new smart board to help with employee training. The $12,000 investment in the 80-inch touch TV, white board and computer will ultimately save the county time and money, county officials said Monday.

The smart board was installed in the county commissioners’ meeting room at the Cleveland County Courthouse. That room is used for weekly Board of County Commissioner meetings and a few other meetings and the rest of the time sits vacant. Adding the smart board is a new way to make the most of that space’s use.

The big plus, however, Commissioner Rod Cleveland and County Clerk Tammy Belinson said, is the long-term savings on travel costs.

Topping the list of uses for the new smart board are OSU training courses required by the state. In the past, county employees had to travel to those classes, many of which were out of town. Now, many classes will be taken by webinar using the new smart board.

“You can have group discussion with other locations,” Belinson said. “This will help us with the travel. We have so many employees that have families, and they just don’t want to travel out of town to do training.”

Charges associated with traveling to training classes can include mileage, per diem expenses for meals and the overnight cost of staying in a hotel.

The new board also can be used for human resources training and to educate employees on insurance options and choices. Belinson said the safety director also can use the smart board for his training courses.

“I really think it’s going to be an exciting tool for the county to use,” Belinson said.

More employees will get training and, by using the webinar, can discuss how what they’ve learned applies specifically to Cleveland County.

“It’s going to allow us to do more training together,” Cleveland said.

In other county business, commissioners said the flooding last week caused some washouts and lots of debris clogging culverts and dishes. County crews are working to restore those areas.

“This has been an exceptional year for weather already and we’re only halfway through the year,” Commissioner Darry Stacy said. “We are planning on finishing up the second pickup of tornado debris on Aug. 15.”

Commissioner Rusty Sullivan and Cleveland thanked the Sheriff’s Department for working with them in responding to problems, reporting dangerous road issues and sending trustees to help with some of the county’s manual labor.

At Monday’s board meeting, county commissioners approved the following blanket purchase orders:

· District 1 — Warren Cat $3,500

· District 3 — W.W. Grainger $750; Noble Tag Agency $300; T&W Tire $1,000; KSM Exchange $1,500

· County Commissioners’ Office — OSU-STP $300

· Purchasing Department — OSU-CTP $250

· Treasurer’s Office — two OSU-CTP at $2,500 each

· Health Department — Firetrol Protection Systems $500; Campion Supply Co. $500

· Sheriff’s Department — Copelin’s Office Center $500; The PERCS Index Inc. $500; Aramark Correctional Services $42,000; Federal Express Corp. $200; Extreme Auto Options $600; Noble Hardware $200; Forest Lumber Co. Inc. $500

Commissioners also approved the following purchase orders for Fiscal Year 2013-2014: General Fund $497,542; Highway Fund $91,685; Health Fund $12,721; Sheriff Service Fee Fund $260; Sheriff Commissary Fund $8,042; County Clerk Lien fee Fund $180; First Choice Recovery Fund $400;Fair Board Fund $3,661; and for FY 12-13: for General Fund $186,157; Highway Fund $35,141, Health Fund $10,993; Sheriff Service Fee Fund $895; Sheriff Commissary Fund $4,488; Sheriff Revolving Fund $10,419; County Clerk Lien Fee Fund $12,392; County Clerk Preservation Fund $650; Fair Board Fund $1,376.

Joy Hampton