The Norman Transcript

March 28, 2009

County real estate

Real estate sales of $100,000 and above, as recorded by the office of Cleveland County Clerk, Tammy Howard

March 6-12

Lot 45, Block 6, South Glen, $135,700. Buyer, Charles C. Lewis Jr. Seller, Danny R. and Vickie L. Thomas.

Lot 6, Block 2, Madison Place, $115,650. Buyer, Justin and Megan Hightower. Seller, Federal National Mortgage Association.

Lot 5, Block 3, Blue Stem Ridge, $168,000. Buyer, Ricky D. and Shaneen D. Huebert. Seller, LaVonne D. Lowell.

Lot 19, Block, 4, Pennsylvania South, $125,000. Buyer, Daniel N. and Sonya E. Fannin. Seller, Van Alan and Rhonda M. Jacks.

Lot 29, Liberty Creek, $124,900. Buyer, Daniel Keith Collier. Seller, Gilbert R. and Jessica C. Chapa.

Lot 7, Block 2, Brookhaven Square, $300,000. Buyer, Roger M. and Linda G. Slatt. Seller Wanda Jean Porter Trust.

Lot 10, Block 5, Eagle Cliff, $147,000. Buyer, Jonathan M. Killogre and Anastasia L. Cesario. Seller, John H. and Christine B. Frank.

Lot 9, Block 6, Cambridge, $150,000. Buyer, Russell L. Sohn Trust. Seller, Erich and Rebecca VonBargen.

Lot 3, Block 2, Meadow Run, $145,550. Buyer, Robert and Tatiana T. Novak. Seller, Marquis Homes.

Lot 45, Block 7, Woodslan, $158,000. Buyer, Jack and Susan Kelly. Seller, Kamil Pincek.

Lot 18, Block 1, Southridge, $115,000. Buyer, Cody and Angie Caywood. Seller, N--C Investments Inc.

Lot 7, Block 13, Hallbrooke, $335,692.34. Buyer, Thomas R. Webb and Joann Pattersonn. Seller, Muirfield Inc.

Lot 2, Block 5, Summit Lakes, $200,000. Buyer, Outland OK Residential LLC. Seller, Bank of America.

Lot 4, Block 4, Quail Ridge, $104,000. Buyer, Lindsi Campbell. Seller, Bank of New York.

Lot 4, Block 3, Parkside, $129,900. Buyer, Tommy and Cynthia Karr. Seller, Brad W. and Monica Schornick.

Lot 7, Block 6, The Falls, $177,000. Buyer, Mark J. and Rachel M. Thompson. Seller, R--R Dream Homes LLC.

Lot 5, Block 4, Falls, $182,900. Seller, Audry D. Prince. Seller, Vintage Custom Homes LLC.

Lot 7, Block 13, Pennsylvania Place, $182,000. Buyer, Ernest W. and Sharon K. Gomez. Seller, Troy Lee and Christal Faith Hankins.

Lot 7, Block 5, Highland Park, $106,700. Buyer, LaVonne D. Lowell. Seller, Mindy Lea Lynch.

Lot 9, Block 3, Highland Village, $280,000. Buyer, Melody Nixon and Chris Edge. Seller, Brian and Kimberly J. Doyle.

Lot 6, Block 2, Park Glenn Acres, $245,100. Buyer, Reiley and Adalyn Burke. Seller, Homesales Inc.

Lot 10, Block 5, Shroyer Green Valley, $158,000. Buyer, Brit D. Baber and Leo F. Sumpter. Seller, Kevin Lee and Marcia Leigh Pinion.

Lot 3, Block 17, Cascade Estates, $344,000. Buyer, Shawn R. and Jennifer M. Fox. Seller, George Hermon Homes LLC.

Lot 6, Block 1, Foxmor Estates, $376,000. Buyer, Ronald L. and Amber C. Gooch. Seller, Milestone Fine Homes LLC.

Lot 15, Block 12, Williamson Farms, $274,000. Buyer, Kelly T. and Heather C. Heatherington. Seller, Katleron Construction Inc.

Lot 25, Block 25, Rivendell, $430,000. Buyer, Jerry L., Chris and Rebecca Clifton. Seller, Barry W. and Heather R. Long.

Lot 2, Block 2, Washington Square, $126,000. Buyer, Justin C. Kreger. Seller, Gregory A. and Jennifer E. Detweiler.

Lot 11, Block 13, Greenbriar Kingswood, $173,000. Buyer, Jason E. and Ammie M. Addison. Seller, Virgil L. Little and Charlene Herring.

Lot 10, Block 13, Carrington Place, $273,539. Buyer, Rick L. and Geneva M. McCormick. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

Lot 2, Block 3, Vintage Homes, $292,000. Buyer, Corey P. Coggburn and Sari C. Zimmerman. Seller, TLP Custom Homes LLC.

Lot 13, Block, 2, Woodcreek, $135,900. Buyer, Michael H. Jennings and Lashonda D. Williamson-Jennings. Seller, Scott Beck and Annaly Dulce.

Lot 12, Block 10, Rio De Bella, $300,000. Buyer, Brian D. Chairess. Seller, G.L. Cobbs and Co. LLC.

Lots 12 and 13, Block 3, Brookside, $168,000. Buyer, Bryan Keith and Von Dehkhoda. Seller, Michael Ray and Lori Shawn Collins.

Lot 12, Block 14, Cascata Lakes, $292,000. Buyer, George Hermon Homes LLC. Seller, Shawn and Jennifer Fox.

Lot 8, Block 2, Trailwoods, $138,250. Buyer, Christopher and Lindsey S. Wilson. Seller, Ideal Homes.

Lots 12 and 23, Block 1, Trailwoods and Lots 14 and 5, Blocks 4 and 6, Park Hill, $488,948. Buyer, Parker Trust. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

Lot 3, Block 3, Sonte Meadows, $105,000. Buyer, Caleb V. and Erin M. Nielson. Seller, Lori A. Pitts.

Lot 17A, Block 45, Southwinds $125,000. Buyer, Justin A. Parker. Seller, Benjamin P. and Jennifer M. Dempsey.

Lot 3, Block 35, Winfield II, $121,000. Buyer, Andrew McEntire. Seller, Michael Craig and Chelsea McBride.

Lot 23, Block 2, Walnut Tree, $120,500. Buyer, Alphonzo and Brenna J. Glover. Seller, Sean M. and Kimberly L. Peck.

E/2 E/2 SE/4 NW/4 secion 34 T10N, R1W, $106,000. Buyer, Leonard M. and Kyra R. Dillngham. Seller, James W. Robinson.

N/2 SW/4 NW/4 SW/4 section 25 T10 N R4W, $130,000. Buyer, Jaret A. and Jennifer M. Wisooker. Seller, David and Mary Petree.

NW/4 section 23 T10N R4W, $251,350. Buyer, Dexter Leasing LLC. Seller, Andico Leasing LLC.

Lot 6, Block 1, East Ridge, $108,000. Buyer, Bobby Goldsberry. Seller, Yunong Tang and Paul Yue.

Lot 9, Block 1, South Harbor, $118,500. Buyer, Stanley Ray and Shannon T. Law. Seller, Julia P. Michalak-Harrison and Jason Harrison.

Lot 7, Block 4, Eagle Cliff South, $106,000. Buyer, Jonathan K. Denio and Brooke M. Holt. Seller, Farzaneh Properties, Inc.

Lot 9, Block 5, Medow Run, $178,240. Buyer, Sean M. and Kimberly L. Peck. Seller, Vesta Homes Inc.

Lot 9, Block 9, Lake Woods, $196,800. Buyer, Robert and Michelle L. Prausa. Seller, Baer Hall Homes.

Lot 13, Block 48, Winfield II, $158,900. Buyer, John L. and LeSha D. Smith. Seller, Marical Cliff Homes.

Lot 40, Block 2, Pennsylvania South, $109,000. Buyer, Brandon Lee Wallace. Seller, Charles Dwight and Mabel M. Pendergraft Trust.

Lot 9 section 1 T8N R1W, $113,125. Buyer, Donna Ellen Johnson. Seller, Tom and Kitty McGregor.

Lots 1,2,3 and 4, Block 1, Classen-Miller, $172,500. Buyer, Lachlan Oldaker. Seller, Glen and Kay Jones.

Lot 16, Block 8, Kensington Place, $134,900. Buyer, Gina Marie Cash. Seller, Summit Quality Homes.

Lot 4, Block 4, Lake Woods, $205,500. Buyer, Tyson D. Hopper. Seller, Jason Lee Anderson and Helena Dawn.

Lot 5, Block 18, Ranchwood Manor, $150,000. Buyer, Joan E. Rollins. Seller, Edgar L. Ward Jr. and Nancy Ward-Weaver.

Lot 8, Block 1, Park Place, $160,748.37. Buyer, Todd F. Curtis. Seller, John F. and Charlotte Curtis.

Lot 5, Block 2, Spring Brook, $168,000. Buyer, Julie Dawdy. Seller, Amy L. Hickson.

Lot 5, Block 1, Creenway Park, $312,960. Buyer, ParMar II LLC. Seller, ParMar II LLC.

Lots 1 and 2, Block 4, St. James Park, $189,850. Buyer, Patricia J. Edge. Seller, Group Westpoint LLC.