The Norman Transcript


October 26, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood supporters rallying in Egypt



The decision could signal that the military-backed leadership will purge Brotherhood members from the security forces, a move that could deepen tensions. Morsi supporters and those backing the military already accuse each other using violence to advance their causes.

Although Brotherhood supporters have been staging rallies regularly since the overthrow, their numbers have been dwindling on the streets of Cairo as the security forces crack down and authorities fortify government institutions and the capital’s major squares.

Egypt’s riot police smashed two protest camps of Morsi supporters in mid-August, killing hundreds of protesters and touching off days of the deadliest violence since the country’s Arab Spring protests.

While the Brotherhood’s ranks appear to have thinned since, the resolve of those still protesting remains firm.

“I am here protesting because the country is being stolen,” said Mohammed Kassam, a university professor who attended a protest Friday in Cairo. “There are people who have the arms and the tanks and want to oppress people and impose their will on them.”

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