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October 25, 2013

Website contractors point fingers at Obama admin.

Associated Press
The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Contractors who built the web portal for the Obama administration’s health insurance marketplace said Thursday the site’s crippling problems trace back to insufficient testing and changes that government officials made just prior to going live.

Who’s to blame? The first congressional hearing into what went wrong dug into issues of website architecture and testing protocols — but also re-stoked the partisan battle over President Barack Obama’s signature expansion of health coverage for millions of uninsured Americans.

What was clear after more than four hours of testimony was the contractors had only partial answers, and only the Obama administration can explain the botched rollout.

Better times are coming, said executives from CGI Federal, which built the website, and from QSSI, which created a component that helps verify applicants’ incomes and other personal details. They said problems are being fixed daily and expressed optimism that anybody who wants coverage will able to get it by Jan. 1.