The Norman Transcript

June 5, 2013

Dollar General takes donations

By Cass Rains
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Area Dollar General stores are raising money for an employee whose son was severely injured in the May 20 tornado.

Kim Sheaffer’s son, Josh Sheaffer, was working at a 7-Eleven when the storm hit the area. He was severely injured and has been hospitalized since.

Kim’s co-worker, Courtney Beall, called Josh “a hero” for his actions during the deadly tornado.

“He worked at 7-Eleven. He was working at the time and let some people in off the street into the building and he laid his body on top of them to protect him,” Beall said.

She said Josh was at the store at SW 4th Street and Telephone Road, which was featured in broadcasts following the storm.

“Most people are not aware there were survivors in the 7-Eleven,” Beall said. “There were four — including Josh.”

Beall said Kim, assistant manager of the Slaughterville Dollar General, has been by her son’s side ever since.

“We’re currently raising money for donations for his family,” Beall said. “His mother right now is the only one with income and she has chosen to be with Josh 24/seven, instead of working.”

She said some donations have already been given to Kim, but more is needed.

“We’ve been getting some donations and getting it to her periodically,” Beall said. “It’s just ongoing.”

Beall said Kim’s a great mother and deserves the help.

“She has three children and she’s always been the main income of the family,” Beall said. “She always puts her kids first.”

Donations are being taken at the Norman, Slaughterville and Noble Dollar General store locations.

Beall said Josh has been at the OU Medical Center Trauma Center since the storm.

“He’s in very poor condition at the moment,” Beall said.

Kim Sheaffer said she did not want to comment about her son but did say the situation has been, “Difficult. I can tell you that.”

She said she felt “blessed” by the help she’s received from the company, where she has worked nearly six years.

“They have been an amazing support for me at this time,” she said.