The Norman Transcript

June 8, 2013

City of Moore, hospital ready for cars to be removed

By Jessica Salmond
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — MOORE – As tornado clean up efforts continue, damaged vehicles remain the property and responsibility of the owners.

Vehicles are scattered among the wreckage left by the tornado. If they remain unclaimed, the city is required to tow them and owners have to pay the expenses, said Steve Eddy, Moore City Manager. Wrecked vehicles need to be towed, especially if they are blocking streets or right-of-ways, he said. It is a step of cleaning up the city.

The Norman Regional Health System is requesting that owners remove cars from the Moore Medical Center parking lot.

About 30 of the 300 wrecked and nearly-unrecognizable vehicles remain in the parking lot after people took shelter from the tornado at the medical center. Kelly Wells, the media relations coordinator for the Norman Regional Health System, said none of the remaining vehicles belong to employees of the Moore Medical Center. Some of them may have been thrown into the building during the tornado or dragged to the lot if they were blocking the street.

Vehicles may be picked up by owners until 8 p.m. Wednesday, June 12, and the following morning, L & A Wreckers will tow them and charge the owners an impounding fee.

Linda Wilkerson, owner of L & A Wreckers, said those without insurance can still claim their car and pay the towing fee.

“We’re willing to work with people,” she said.

The towing fee will be dependent on how far the car has to be towed. The abandoned cars, ones not claimed or picked up by insurance companies, will be towed off and a notice sent to the owners of the vehicles. The cars will remain at L & A Wreckers for 30 days before the company can do anything with them.

“Most cars left up there are going to be scrap iron,” Wilkerson said.

The Norman Regional Health System made a list of the makes and models of the unclaimed vehicles. Owners may call the health system’s security line at 307-1482 to see if theirs is on the list. Owners or insurance companies may go to the south gate of Moore Medical Center, 700 S. Telephone Road, to pick up their vehicle during daylight hours.