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April 12, 2013

Q&A: Benita of BRC Photography talks faith, beauty

NORMAN — When Benita Cloward won a plastic camera as a teenager she never imagined it would blossom into more than just snap shots of family and friends.

Since 2008, this former Norman resident has been taking natural-light photographs of weddings, seniors and families as a part of her business, BRC Photography. Most recently, Cloward expanded her brand to include what she calls “Portrait Couture,” a mix between boudoir and glamour photography.

I had the chance to step in front of the spunky, self-taught photographer’s lense in her studio in Purcell as we visited about her work and thoughts on beauty and faith.

For more information on Cloward’s Portrait Couture line, visit or find her on Facebook at BRC Photography.

Q: What was it about photography when you were a kid that attracted you to it?

A: I come from a large, large family and we used to take a lot of images. I just grew up with my mom always taking pictures and we would take the traditional family pictures annually for a Christmas card and we would always do one or two proper ones but then we would do goofy pictures.

I always just associated it with capturing these moments that are like freezing your family in time, basically. Those are the most fun pictures to look back on, too. I never knew either one of my grandfathers, but the only way for me to see them was through images so I always associated it with family and fun and a piece of history. That’s why. Because I was able to capture time, capture families and capture their real life. Actually my first tag line to my business was “Life pictured.”

Q: How many siblings do you?

A: I have 13. I’m number 13 of 14. So imagine the fun we had during family pictures!

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N-town Q/A