The Norman Transcript

July 5, 2013

Book review: Star Wars great for kids

By Zachary Elledge
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Book: Star Wars: Vader's Little Princess (2013, Chronicle Books)

Author and Illustrator: Jeffrey Brown

Why you should read: When I was a young boy I would run through the halls of my home holding my plastic X-Wing fighter while pretending to blow up the Death Star. Then, at night, I would battle hordes of Stormtroopers in my dreams. Obviously, Star Wars was very much a part of my childhood, especially since my parents were fans of the original three long before I was born. So it goes without saying that I was excited to check out “Star Wars: Vader's Little Princess.” It's a small book of comic strips that play with the idea of Darth Vader struggling to be a good parent to a rebellious Princess Leia. It's like the comedy of Bill Cosby thrown into the Star Wars universe, and the result is a cute little book that kids will enjoy several times over.

The ideal audience here would be a parent reading this along with their children. Older fans of Star Wars will enjoy the subtle inside jokes that a casual fan might miss, and kids will laugh as they see a young Leia go through the same growing pains that they experience.

The humor is meant for a younger audience. A middle-aged fan of the series may not find this one appealing, but it is worth taking a look at just in case. I enjoyed it simply for the nostalgia. Parents need not worry about any adult content. I have a 6-year-old niece who loves Star Wars as much as me, and I couldn't find any jokes that would be inappropriate for her to read. In fact, this will probably be her birthday present.

If you are a die-hard Star Wars fan with a little padawan-learner or two running around the house, this is good buy. If you do enjoy this one, then you might also like “Star Wars: Darth Vader and Son,” also by Jeffrey Brown. May the Force be with you.