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August 9, 2013

Norman composer makes waves in dynamic industry

NORMAN — Soundwaves are reverberating around the globe from musical compositions created by one of Norman’s own.

Long-time Norman resident Geoffrey Burch’s career centers on composing musical scores for film and media, with results drawing rave reviews from clients and casual listeners alike.

“I have a specific way of orchestration that’s unique,” Burch said. “Also, it’s not enough for me knowing how to compose, production is important as well.”

The University of Oklahoma alumnus has the skills to do both. In this digital-driven world Burch has mastered blurring the line between acoustic music and purely electronic wizardry. This has allowed for a professional and organic sounding product that’s attractive to film, television, animation and video game makers.

Some of Burch’s music is goose-bump inducing, suggestive of warm and fuzzy feelings or eerily suspenseful, just like what you’d expect from a soundtrack at the cinema. In fact, Burch’s resume brags of over a half-dozen movie scores.

Burch is currently working on two film projects: “I’s,” a science fiction movie by Banshee Productions in Oakland, Cali., and “Hidden Hills,” a screwball romantic comedy created by Out of the Closet Productions.

The work process is collaborative with the film director being his boss.

“Typically I’ll receive a cue sheet with a description of what kind of music they’re looking for,” Burch said. “They will consult with me and are usually very receptive to my suggestions for making their ideas better.”

Telephone calls, emails and Skype conferences bring the finished product to fruition.

“One of the things I most enjoy are the curve balls thrown to me by directors,” Burch said. “It would probably never occur to me to sit down and write an orchestral piece in the style of a Doris Day and Rock Hudson movie but that’s what I’m doing now. It’s both challenging and superbly entertaining.”

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