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October 11, 2013

Supernatural: Norman haunted with ghosts



“The longer an energy remains lost on earth the less human it is. ... The longer they stay on earth, the less attached they become to being human,” she said. “I call those critters. I don’t know what to say about that. It’s not a good conversation.”

Draper said she also attempts to remove low-level energies in desperate situations, though it is not always successful. For more on Draper visit

Lauren Kelly, Norman resident and psychic, artist and tarot reader, said she frequently channels various deities, spirits and angels. Whether a person is living or already passed on, Kelly said everybody leaves an “energy footprint somewhere.”

“If you live in a house for 20 years and you hate your job during that 20 years you’re probably going to leave a little bit of angry residue in that house,” Kelly said. “[Then] somebody can go in and feel that negativity and go, ‘My god, this house, I need to exercise it. There’s demons in here.’ When in reality its just somebody who was ticked off for 20 years. There are exceptions to that, but most of the time its just residue or grandma saying, ‘Hi.’ It really is.”

Kelly frequently performs readings at Sandalwood & Sage, 322 E. Main St. For more on Kelly visit

With the paranormal lurking around every corner — through energy residues, earth bounds or angels — it’s no wonder Provine said so many sense the unexplainable presence of paranormal activity.

“There’s been lots of cases of people seeing shadows and going around the corner and nobody being there, getting this feeling that you’re watched,” he said. “I talked to this lady who in the ‘90s, when she was a student, was looking for a book and then a couple of shelves down from her an entire shelf of books flew off. Like not just the shelf broke, because the shelf was fine, but the books all tumbled away. And I was told last year that in the (OU) Great Reading Room people often feel like something smacked them on the back of the neck or on the back of the wrist.”

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