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April 12, 2013

Norman Music Festival 6 has something for everyone

NORMAN — Reggae, metal, country, Americana, blues, R&B, Latin, electronic, psychedelic, pop, ambient, DJ, hip-hop: Norman Music Festival has it all.

With over 200 bands performing in the sixth annual urban, indie music festival April 25-27 in Downtown Norman, NMF Chair Steven White said the free event highlights a range of local talent.

“I do believe that there is a music scene in Norman that’s different than what you see anywhere else. It’s different than what you see in Dallas and its different than what you see in Oklahoma City,” White said. “There’s always a good group of regular bands — whether they’re playing at the Opolis or they’re playing at The Deli or they’re playing at The Bluebonnet — there’s just such a thriving force of good musicians who are here. And then underneath that, in the underbelly of that, there’s always these new bands that are coming up.

“It’s a very creative community. So the opportunity to raise the flag for these bands, to showcase these bands, to let people see this vibrant music scene — I think it adds value to our community. Yes, we call ourselves the City of Festivals and there’s a lot of things we do to bring people in, but really with the Norman Music Festival we’re bringing people in to show-off the musical talent that we have right here. The musical talent that we have is thick and rich.”

Alex Larrea, guitarist for DEERPEOPLE, a psychedelic pop band based out of Stillwater, Okla., performing this year at NMF, said NMF was critical in establishing the band’s credentials and confidence when they were first starting off.

The group formed in 2009 with bandmates Larrea, Brennan Barnes, Julian Shen, Jordan Bayhylle, Derek Moore and Kendall Looney first performed at the third NMF in 2010 as the Opolis stage headliner.

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