The Norman Transcript

May 4, 2013

Year passes without raises

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — State workers were holding out hope that some of the growth revenue would be used for across-the-board pay raises this year.

That doesn’t appear to be the case, according to news reports this past week.

The $7.1 billion tentative budget deal announced this past week includes more money for common and higher education and Capitol building work but the state’s 34,000 employees will face another year without raises.

The last across-the-board raises came in 2006.

That won’t help recruiting and retention of top employees. Lawmakers have talked at length about pay raises for corrections officers, direct care workers at Veterans centers and for Highway Patrol troopers.

Worker turnover is costly for public and private sector employers. One bright spot is the $200,000 set aside for a study of state worker pay. The goal is to compare salaries and benefits in the private sector versus comparable jobs in state government.