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March 23, 2014

Global warming: A shifting hypothesis

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Trancript:

The last few years of listening to the American news media talk about its consensus on climate change has been like watching a dog lick himself.

Five years ago the climategate e-mails caused the British media to begin reporting about the fact that the Earth’s warming had ceased and that the science was by no means “settled” ( “Q and A; Professor Phil Jones”, BBC).

The percentage of Britons believing we are making the Earth warm immediately dropped to 26 percent (BBC Poll, 2/7/2010). Amazing what happens when someone reports the news.

As far back as ten years ago this month NASA’s UARS satellite found that the climate models being used grossly overestimate the effects of CO2 (“Satellite Finds Warming ‘Relative’ to Humidity”, and it went completely unreported by any entity in this country.

Scientists like Freeman Dyson were marginalized. Perhaps the grossest negligence exhibited by the American press has been to allow surveys claiming 98 percent scientific consensus to go unchallenged; studies with methodologies so embarrassing that they require willful suspension of disbelief ( Oreskes ‘04, Zimmerman/Doran ‘09, Cook, 2013).

The BBC article “Global warming pause central to IPCC debate” contains an excellent temperature graph showing the temperature drop over the last decade and the sixteen year suspension of warming along with the International Panel on Climate Change excuses as to why the earth has failed to do what it predicted.

In his article “Why Has Global Warming Stalled?” BBC Science Editor David Shukman points out that not only is the IPCC now trying to say it’s the ocean that’s warming, but that it might now take thirty years for the atmosphere to warm. He notes that “this is something new”.

The much maligned MIT Professor Richard Lindzen once observed that if you change a hypothesis to support a predetermined theory you have left the realm of science and entered that of charlatanry.

He also said that if we want to prove the IPCC science wrong all we have to do is listen to their predictions and watch the world do something different.

Folks, the world is doing something different.



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