The Norman Transcript

September 19, 2013

Surely the end is near

By Bruce Kessler
The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — The end is near. For many, 1,215 days is not near enough. Yet, there is something to the old saying “see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

To be sure the 1,215 days left on the Democrats Champion President Obama term will be both instructional and painful. Resigning would benefit all Americans, but that is, of course, beyond reasonable expectations.

We have always suffered through bad presidents before. Today is no different, although the pain seems more difficult to ignore.

I say pain because, well, that is the lot of where we are at the moment — so much pain in so many areas brought on by the Democratic Party and Obama’s socialist, anti-capitalist and sick liberal philosophies.

While their arguments are emotionally appealing and present a utopian view, the reality is their policies engender a form of enslavement, destroy real market value and rob people of employment.

The evidence of the pain is felt in the loss of value in one’s income, self, loss of value in one’s property, in America, the loss of value in ethics and Godly beliefs, and loss of value in justice.

The end is near, but the pain is evident on every face. No spin from the standard news networks can deny the truth.

People have flat given up on looking for jobs. Why? There aren’t any. Ninety out of 350 million people do not have jobs. Fifty million are on Food Stamps.

You can’t borrow enough money to prop up the economic myth that all is well and that good, decent-paying jobs are created every month. If you believe that, well, welcome to the Candy Mountain.

Real income-building jobs come from the private sector through ingenuity and (yes, Mr. Putin) American exceptionalism.

The sorry truth of all is that the very people this administration and your friendly Liberal Democratic Party claim to benefit or be protectors of are the very people who are worse off.

Asians and Hispanics find their household income way, way down. Sadly, African Americans are at the bottom of the economic ladder in household income, and their unemployment rate is shameful.

Seventy-three percent of African Americans are being raised in single-family homes. Why? Because government welfare encourages this rottenness. This is not social justice but the injustice of bad philosophies perpetrated on good, defenseless people.

The fact is that real medium income for all households is down. The truth is painfully evident all around us.

The end is near, and as that day approaches, I hope our president plays a whole lot more golf. Perhaps this will divert his attention and somehow save us from more painful decisions and bad economic policies.

Bruce Kessler lives in Norman.