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October 27, 2013

Tom Cole is voting against Oklahomans

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

In a letter published in a recent Sunday Transcript, it was very amusing to see our local Congressman Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., attempt to spin the recent government shutdown.

In his argument, Rep. Cole pulled out that old reliable Jedi mind trick so often used by Republicans on the weak minded to try to convince us he didn’t vote for the shutdown.

He voted for the shutdown but hopes if he waves his hand, says, “That wasn’t the vote you’re looking for” and points at the Democrats or the president, we will be confused.

I think Mr. Cole is getting nervous. He knows everyone with half a brain understands that the shutdown was an attempt to extort concessions from the Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010. This law was crafted to help working citizens afford some health insurance.

Mr. Cole can now see that he has many thinking people in his district as well as Tinker AFB civilian and military employees who aren’t buying what the Republicans in D.C. are selling and he is defending.

I think he sees that his vote for the shutdown has caused many former supporters who believed they were sending an independent voice to Congress to realize they have a rubber stamp representative. He has become a rubber stamp for the radicals who would take our nation toward the brink of economic collapse with their fit of immaturity. He is concerned about his own re-election.

Mr. Cole also voted to defund $50 billion from the SNAP program fund that helps poor children, the elderly and veterans get food for their daily survival.

Mr. Cole’s recent letter danced and sang around the issues of the health and well-being of our citizens, while not mentioning he has consistently voted for corporate welfare for giant Agribiz and big oil and gas. When someone knows they are guilty and excessively tries to worm their way out of that guilt, it brings to mind that Shakespeare quote: “I think thou doth protest too much.”

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