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December 9, 2013

Restore the sexy Pride

NORMAN — With all the social attention on The Pride these days I have become inundated with the term “Band Geek.” Perplexed at why people would cry about the opening fanfare being changed and then turn on the very people they are depending to bring them those few minutes of bliss, I chose to take a deeper look into the life of the “Bandie.” 

I found was the average band member plays multiple instruments, even ones that would “up” the person’s cool factor ten-fold! One interesting fact is that if you take the geek out of the drum harness and put them behind a trap set, or remove the trumpet for a guitar you get, wham, instant sexy! For that matter you can even put a chunky clarinet player behind a keyboard and then watch the “WOW” factor explode!  This phenomenon makes me believe it is the uniform that makes one musician geekier than the other ... hmmm, so it is not true that we love a person in uniform!

Maybe tradition isn’t as important as current social norms. The public wants the tradition of the music, but perhaps crave a more updated delivery with a non “geekified” edge.

I propose band uniforms, as a whole, get a much needed “coolness” update! Even the mohawked, leather-clad kilt-wearing bagpiper gets more lovin’ than the marching band member. Start sending in your designs now to President Boren and let’s restore the sexy! (Just remember that even the best designer in the world can’t do much for a tuba player — except replace it with bass guitar!)


Oklahoma City

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