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March 6, 2013

Say yes to guest tax increase

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

Less than a month from now, Norman voters will have the chance to approve an increase to the transient guest tax (hotel/motel tax). This tax increase will not be paid by Norman citizens but by those who stay overnight at our lodging establishments.

Andy Alligator’s Fun Park and Andy Alligator’s Water Park does not directly benefit from the transient guest tax, but our businesses do benefit from the promotion provided by the Norman Convention and Visitors Bureau.

If the CVB had more money in their operating budget to promote Norman as a destination, that means more outreach to potential park visitors and more people frequenting our businesses.

Many are surprised at how many out-of-town guests our parks attract to Norman who stay overnight and dine and shop while here. Being a local family owned business, we take pride in Norman and look forward to bringing more dollars into our community to help benefit the city and its residents.

The Norman Arts Council and Norman Parks and Recreation Department are other beneficiaries of the tax increase because they split half of the money with the Norman Convention and Visitors Bureau.

If those two groups had more money in their operating budgets, that would be an even more improved quality of life for Norman residents like myself and our park employees.

Voting “yes” on April 2 improves Norman, so I am all for it. Let’s stay competitive and bring more visitors to Norman.



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