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November 18, 2012

Democrats can’t claim high ground

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

David Morgan states that President Barack Obama is “a moderate, pragmatic politician” and that the Republicans are extreme, insurgent outliers.

I have a remembrance (though I can’t find evidence of it on the Web) of Nancy Pelosi stating that she is “a moderate, middle of the road.” I remember thinking that it was a good thing that I didn’t have a mouthful of Dr. Pepper at the time, as I would certainly have sprayed it across the room in my incredulity.

Later, I thought that the only way she might not be telling an outright lie is if she was purposely redefining the terms. I now believe that it is part of the left-wing plan for taking the political high ground, berating and marginalizing conservatives, winning votes, etc. Simply redefine the terms.

If San Fran Nan is middle of the road, then Billy Graham is a racist, vile, porn-loving, adulterous, child molester. If Obama is a moderate, bend-over-backward-compromise leader, then Michael Moore is a rail thin, handsome-as-George-Clooney wallflower.

Would I, as a conservative, compromise on some issues like the economy and immigration reform, accepting some of Obama’s ideas? Sure. But the Affordable Care Act is going to be an expensive (the estimate of its cost doubled just several months after it passed into law) social disaster and should be revoked and rewritten.

Would I, as a conservative, accept the Obama/Biden/Pelosi standard on social issues like abortion? No. Obama, Biden and Pelosi all claim to be Christians. I’ve asked this question before and got no answers: Christians, how do you explain being pro-choice? Do you really believe that your Savior and Lord Jesus Christ is OK with your stance?

For myself, I cannot begin to imagine that Jesus could have told His apostles to go out and spread the Gospel, and by the way, if anyone asks about abortion, tell them it’s no big deal. Obama is pro-choice, even to the point of allowing a baby born in a botched abortion to die or outright be killed. Can that believably be a moderate position?

I suppose that liberals (note that I don’t use their preferred label “progressives,” which they use to try and redefine themselves) think that I should accept that the raft of commentators on MSNBC — Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow, etc. — are all moderates? Oh, please.



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