The Norman Transcript

July 10, 2013

Blue is the new green

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — We’ve seen a few of those large blue recycling bins pushed from driveways to the curbside in the last few days. As the Lone Ranger might say, “Hold your horses, folks.”

The new recycling program moves to a two-week rotation beginning in August. Residents were assigned one of two districts, which dictates which week you push the recycling cart to the curb along with your trash cart. A map with the district lines and other rules was included with the cart.

Yes, the new carts are bigger than the small green ones, but they have to hold two weeks worth of recyclables, plus they have the added benefit of accepting cardboard.

The city’s recycling program has always taken cardboard, but it had to be taken to the recycling centers.

It’s too late to make a difference, but an outsider observed that the colors are switched.

A “green” bin ought to hold recyclables, since green is the universal symbol for environmentalism.