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April 28, 2013

Spraying bullets won’t blaze a path to safety

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

Police in LA fire more than 100 bullets into an SUV, mistaking a woman and her elderly mother for a fugitive. The elderly woman was shot twice in the back.

Police in Boston spray a Massachusetts State Police SUV with bullets believing it contained the Marathon bombers.

A woman sees a possum in her house and starts spraying bullets at it, shooting the hapless creature in the nose, in her own home.

These are just a few accounts of people unloading their weapons and endangering anyone within blocks.

I am no more afraid of criminals than I ever have been but, the chances of being shot from this kind of behavior have increased considerably.

I was raised in a hunting family. My father stressed the absolute importance of being able make a positive identification before you pull that trigger. And I mean never pull that trigger until you are sure.

Secondly, make your shots count. Don’t start spraying bullets. There were a few times that guys would hunt with us that were not invited back after the first time.

They were more interested in seeing how many shots they could get off, we would have to take aim and bring the animal down. Without fail, they claimed to have made the shot and, usually, they weren’t even close.

  There is no way to tell where all of those bullets from missed shots will go but, I can assure you that cutting lose with these high powered rifles in a house and having bullets ripping through a neighborhood is going to result in innocent lives being lost, over and over.

  As far as self defense goes, if someone is so far from you that you need one of these rifles to hit them, they are no longer a threat to you.

  Oklahoma has passed every bad idea from every paranoid gun fanatic that has come up in the last year.

Children learn by example. They are already bombarded with violent video games that tell them they can solve all their problems with guns.

Arming teachers is about as bad of an example as we could possibly set. Once again, this time with real adults, we tell them that having a gun will solve the problem.

Who the hell cares who’s spraying bullets? The bullets don’t care, that’s for sure. Anyone out there with more brains and civility than a bullet?



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