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May 20, 2013

U.S. must address shootings



Those guns toted by people in Walmart are almost never used to protect the innocent. The vast majority that are used to kill will be those used to injure or kill an innocent.  (Forutnately, most will never be used at all.)

If the NRA were to follow through with its suggestion to remove guns from those most likely to use them to commit crimes, they would find that they just suggested taking guns from white males between the ages of 16 and 75 who work for a living and are in a relationship. In states where such men lose access to guns because of an incidence of domestic violence, murder rates involving women in relationships with such men plummet.

Simple cause. Simple solution. And the NRA called it, even though it never realized it.

Still, the larger problem is the inability of this country to have a reasoned discussion on the topic. When the president proposes gun law, he is cast as a dictator. When schools want additional safety, the extremist position of arming more people is suggested casually, as if adding fire to fire will dampen the flames.

No one seems to realize that putting armed guards in schools will result only in mass shooters moving to the other soft targets that exist — day care centers, retirement centers and movie theaters come to mind quickly.

The bombers in Boston didn’t take guns to their killings. Security there was already tight, so they ramped it up a notch and took bombs. They were, of course, armed to the teeth. Remember, these people might be unstable, but they’re not idiots. More than 250 million guns are in civilian hands already in this country. Not a single one stopped the recent mass shootings. Not one stopped the bombing.

America doesn’t need to ban guns. It couldn’t even if it wanted to. America doesn’t need to destroy the Second Amendment, but America does need to find targeted solutions to a very real problem.

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