The Norman Transcript

August 22, 2013

Who is fighting for our rights today?

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

I had always wondered why English people are so infatuated with the royal family. They spend a tremendous amount of time and money to ensure the monarchy will always exist.

I finally realized that England views the world as a chess game.

Protect the monarchy at all costs. This unites its people and gives them a sense of a common goal. They take pride in their ability to, no matter what or who threatens them, preserve the monarchy.

To lose the monarchy is to lose the game. Without it, what would England be but a small country in a big world.

People need a unifying cause. In America, we have always thought that we have something better: the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These documents have protected more people than a monarchy ever could.

They have made us the envy of the world. They are so precious that millions of people have died fighting for them. Millions more have risked their lives to get here and be a part of this wonderful thing called freedom.

What happened? One of the most precious rights we had was the right to privacy. The government isn’t fighting for us; they are fighting to rob us of privacy. Republicans and Democrats alike are selling us out and spying on us.

Don’t ever think that data won’t be used to gain control over every citizen. Surely, nobody is naive enough to believe the info won’t be used against us. This is exactly what the Constitution was created to protect us from.

There are many private businesses that make their money by robbing us of our Constitutional rights and selling our private information. They are monitoring all of our emails and selling that info or using it for their own gains.

I just joined the website “Linkedln” to make business connections. I was absolutely shocked when a list of “People you may know” showed up on my page.

Some were businesses and others were private individuals and family friends that have nothing to do with my business. The only thing these people all had in common was that I had emailed them once. Apparently, all of my emails are being monitored and shared and sold.

If nobody is fighting for our rights anymore, then what are we? A giant Walmart? The Taliban killed a lot of people, but to say that is an excuse to destroy the Constitution is BS.

The people selling all of our private info and spying on us are just criminals looking for a way to make money and gain power because they don’t have the talent or desire to go by the rules.

Are we a government of the people or of spies and criminals?

By the way, I emailed this letter to the editor.