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November 30, 2013

‘Affordable car act’

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

This week I decided to become involved in our political system of government. I wrote a letter to President Obama asking for relief as a senior citizen on repairs to our automobiles. We’re going to call it medi-car, it will coincide with the new affordable car act.

I had a tail light out on my vehicle. Since I’m on a fixed income, out of caution, I called my dealer and asked how much my repairs would run. The gentleman said it could be repaired for $6. I thought how great.

I arrived at the dealership. A gentleman met me and took my information and my car then disappeared. I was left holding a buzzer so I could be notified when it was ready. After about 30 minutes a smiling man approached me holding a clipboard. This should be a warning.

Let’s remember my vehicle is only worth $25,000. He started with a prognosis (factory recommendations). He stated, “Jim, it’s time to consider flushing your radiator, flushing your brake fluid and flushing your power steering fluid.” I said, “I think you forgot one.” He said, “I did?” “Yes, how about flushing my wallet?” He laughed but I was serious. He said, “ We should realign the front end and change the air filters. We will give you a discount if you have it all done at one time.”

I asked him if financing was available and he looked a bit dumbfounded. I just put tires on my car, and that cost me $1,000. I’m driving a $25,000 automobile and by the time I get ready to sell it I will have $60,000 in repairs. I stated, “No thank you, I’ll try to make it home if you would just fix my $6 tail light.” He said, “Today we’re going to throw in a free car wash.” Evidently it’s getting close to Christmas.

Ladies and gentlemen, please contact your congressmen and ask them to pass the affordable car act or medi-car. Seniors need assistance on their automobile repairs. After all, if we can’t get to the polls we can’t vote. Now that’s something for our leaders to think about.

Happy Holidays.



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