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January 16, 2014

Fallin: Not pure enough for Tea Partiers



In closing, and before some of my conservative friends, such as frequent Transcript letter writer Bill Logan, put quill pen to parchment paper and point out that yours truly was in the legislature too long, draws a state retirement check, is identified as a big spender and, most damning of all — hide your children and avert your eyes — is a liberal. Gasp. I’ve been outed.

Back in the not so distant past area, Democrats such as Lee Cate, Carolyn Thompson, Nancy Virtue, Vickie White Rankin, Wallace Collins, all from Norman, Gary York of Blanchard and John Lassiter, representing Moore, joined occasionally by Republicans Jonathan Nichols, Doug Miller and now District Judge Thad Balkman of Norman, would put our political differences aside while enhancing, over multiple years, our state’s true core services: public education, health care, public safety and infrastructure.

Together, we not only improved these critically important government services but also the physical landscape of Norman. Just look around your city. It was no accident, nor just luck of the draw that the National Weather Center, Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, Fred Jones Art Museum, a sparkling new Cleveland County Health facility, a new J D McCarty Center for children with cerebral palsy, the superb new veterans’ home and many, many other capital investments are here in Norman, serving their constituents: the public.

It wasn’t just the legislative delegation that got these things done, but it damn sure didn’t hurt. Most of us also realized it was not our governmental responsibility to intrude with a blizzard of new laws and regulations into the privacy of your home.

Now, I ask you, who is really for big “gubmint” and who is really just pulling your leg while jerking on your billfold?

Go, Randy, go. I hope you dispatch the not-conservative-enough Fallin, and then even a Democrat named Daffy Duck will move into the mansion or, more comfortably the OU Duck Pond. There, he frequently will be joined by America’s First Family, the Robertsons of Louisiana and stars of our family’s favorite show “Duck Dynasty.” Quack quack.

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