The Norman Transcript

January 21, 2013

Entitlement isn’t a dirty word

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

The word “entitlement” has somehow come to have a negative connotation, if one believes the Republican (and other conservatives) rationale for upending Social Security. The bottom line is that I am entitled, having paid into the program from 1955 until 2008, when I retired. The same is true for everyone in this country of ours that has ever paid into Social Security, even our younger citizens who are just beginning their wage-earning lives; we are all entitled.

I have two suggestions for those among us who don’t share my belief in entitlement. First, those who currently accept a monthly Social Security check based on their lifetime earnings should refuse all future payments, return any additional checks to Social Security, and refund every penny accepted in the past. It’s only fair and reasonable. Secondly, if I am going to somehow be denied my Social Security benefits, or even part of them, it should be mandated that the money I paid into the system be returned to me. This too is only fair and reasonable. Once accomplishing these two points, Republicans and other like-minded citizens should feel free to do whatever it is that their heart desires.



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