The Norman Transcript

February 12, 2013

Stop dumping trash along our roadsides

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor, The Transcript:

To the dumpers: I know this probably won’t reach you, as I doubt you have the capacity to read — but if you can, doubt you ever pick up The Norman Transcript. But I just wanted to thank you so much for your contribution of two old toilets to our roadside on Cedar Lane.

Really? You obviously had them loaded on a vehicle. But instead of driving just a few more miles to the city of Norman Waste Management facility (just south of State Highway 9 and Chautauqua) and paying just a few dollars (by weight and very reasonable), instead your addled brain apparently thought, “Gee, I’ll just shove them off here — now somebody else’s problem” (if your thought process even went that far).

I so much wish I had seen you do this — and all of you who find the same disposal method for your old couches, mattresses, appliances, etc.

You know you are doing the wrong thing because you dump when you won’t be observed. If I see you dumping items in my neighborhood (yes, it’s my neighborhood, not your dumping ground), I’ll make sure you never dump again. Literally.

Please, make use of Norman’s waste facility. Or keep your junk at home. But please don’t dump it on the roadways we all share so the rest of us bear the cost of clean-up of your mess and deal with your lack of respect for the environment and your fellow citizens.

We really are fed up with the witless, self-centered folks who somehow think this is OK. It only takes half a brain to know this is wrong — so who exactly are these folks? If you know any of them, suggest you report to the city of Norman — if they are that witless, not the highest thought processes engaged and they could be risky (to you) in other ways.

And, let’s add a message to those who think that disposing of unwanted animals in rural areas is OK. You are giving them a death sentence — usually hit by a car or by starvation, disease or injury from attack. Take them to the Norman Animal Welfare facility, where they have a hope of adoption.

Dumping them to fend for themselves is not humane, and don’t expect that “someone will take him/her in.” That rarely happens. We have our own (mostly rescues) but are not able to take in all your abandoned animals at the rate you leave them. Be responsible, please.

This is the era of the internet — find a rescue that can take them if you cannot keep. Or take to the municipal shelter. Stop dumping animals. It is extreme cruelty and illegal.

I do believe that we have a responsibility to make our communities safe and livable for all. Those that won’t “play nice” and by the “rules” should be held accountable, since their actions negatively impact all of us. Why should anyone “get a pass” to behave in a way that others pay the cost/consequence of?

So, to all of you who think that the rest of us in civilized society should shoulder the burden of your lack of responsible participation, be aware that when push comes to shove, you will be the first to go.

Shame on you, for choosing not to do the right thing, and believing you are somehow not accountable. We really don’t have room for you.



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