The Norman Transcript

September 7, 2013

Affordable Care Act is a disaster

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Editor Transcript:

Obviously Mack Paul (no relation to Rand, I assume) hasn’t a sense of humor. Not up on Chuck Berry or Jan and Dean, either.

I don’t hate Nadine (another letter), and I won’t waste my time trying to prove venality on the president’s part. I will throw a few quotes Mack’s way.

“Evidence of the astonishing incompetence of the Obama administration continues to roll in.” That’s just the lead in sentence of a piece by Michael Barone in another paper. (You could Google it.) He lists a bunch of stuff about the Affordable Care Act — a whole bunch of sentences that I won’t bore Mack with.

Another article quotes the Nevada State AFL-CIO passing a resolution savaging the Affordable Care Act as an attack on union benefits. The union membership now appears shocked (yes, shocked) that Obama has no intention of keeping his transparently phony promise that they could keep their present plan.

After Mack started quoting John Lennon, I knew he’d lost it. As to Republicans without a plan, they’ve offered lots — ask Coburn. Obama didn’t savage his opponent in the last election about the Mass Plan because it’s a disaster, too, and many people (read voters) would’ve made the obvious connections.

Finally, I asked three coffee attendees where one’s spleen is. They and I didn’t know — I guess I’ll have to Google it.  Does the vent show up in an X-ray?