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January 1, 2014

For Sooners, a bit of gamesmanship couldn’t hurt



Well, maybe not the same thing; they are two different teams, after all. But you get the idea: both teams have the same time to prepare, yielding no advantage.

If Bob Stoops is right, that’s bad news, because Alabama is clearly the better team. OU, though, need only be better Thursday, and it’s had all this time. Certainly something new and different will be unveiled.


Don’t count on it.

“The things you might see,” receiver Jaz Reynolds said, “is the execution, the fine-tuning.”

Linebacker P.L. Lindley even counseled against the try-something-different-and-new approach.

“We kind of want to stick with what we do,” he said. “We don’t want to change things up too much. You don’t want to throw anybody off with things like that.”

You wouldn’t want to throw any Sooners off. But why not try throwing the Crimson Tide off?

Offensive lineman Bronson Irwin offered what might count as hope against the assessments of Bob Stoops, Reynolds and Lindley, but it wasn’t much.

“We’ve got some special things in for every team we play, some things that are designed specifically for (an opponent’s) defense,” Irwin said. “That’s really no different than any other week. We’ve just had a little more time to work on those things and polish them up.”

It doesn’t sound too groundbreaking.

Two possibilities persist.

One, the Sooners are simply playing coy. Their head coach does it all the time, why not them?

Two, perhaps Mike Stoops was so on his game 13 years ago that the defense he put on the field wasn’t aware it was doing anything that different, only that it was. 

Maybe it was different in the way the calls were mixed up, or the way one or two players adjusted their pre-snap approach, utterly confusing Florida State.

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