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September 24, 2011

Sooners can still dominate on field

NORMAN — That’s about the size of it. On the field, the Sooners can still be the best thing going.

Between the lines, Oklahoma can be unbeaten.

Between the lines, an eighth Big 12 championship may be won.

Between the lines, the Sooners can make it 2 for 5 in national championship tries under Bob Stoops, and you better believe today is the next step on that march. Missouri should not be overlooked.

Still, it must stick in the Sooner Nation’s craw. Just when you thought Texas had overplayed its hand, leaving OU with all the political power in the room, it actually seems to have very little.

Oh, sure, if OU wants to head Southeast with Texas A&M and all its crazy cadets, align itself with the universities of the Deep South, many of which were dragged kicking and screaming, and with the help of a federalized National Guard, into the 20th century, yes, there’s probably a home there for OU.

But that’s not where David Boren wants OU to be. The former governor and senator, one is forced to believe, wants the Sooners in a better place.

The football out west is not on par with the SEC, but it’s plenty good.

More importantly, as far as Boren has taken his university, as far as the caliber of student it attracts has risen, as far as the never-ending addition of athletic and academic infrastructure and for all the national respect OU has generated during his tenure, it’s easy to believe that Boren believes, if he could just align with the right partners — Cal, Stanford and UCLA, to name three — there’s no telling how far he might take OU.

Or how far OU (and with the Pokes along for the ride, OSU, too) might take the whole state. Because if Boren is anything, he’s a true believer in the state he’s been serving sine first running for office while an OU law student.

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