The Norman Transcript

April 17, 2011

Long day for receivers

The Norman Transcript

NORMAN — Wide receivers Dejuan Miller, Jaz Reynolds and quarterback Blake Bell played for both teams Saturday. For Bell, it was a matter of evening out the plays for him and Drew Allen.

For Miller and Reynolds, it was a matter of a lack of depth at wide receiver. Receivers coach Jay Norvell let both know they would both be in for long days.

Both wore their red jerseys and slipped on white pullover jerseys when they had to flip sides.

“It wasn’t as bad as I thought,” said Miller, who had eight catches for 69 yards, including a 16-yard touchdown reception. “I got a lot more reps than I expected, but getting more reps means getting more work and getting a chance to prove yourself and show how much I’ve progressed over the spring.”

The oddity was Bell’s touchdown pass early in the fourth quarter was set up by a fumble when he was quarterbacking the other side. He switched sides of the field and threw a 17-yard touchdown to Trey Franks.

“I’m think Blake had his best interest at heart on both teams,” OU coach Bob Stoops said.

More than snaps

James Winchester saw extensive work at wide receiver early in the game. Some of it had to do with injuries at wide receiver, Ryan Broyles being held out and other receivers playing only sparingly.

Stoops said Winchester plays wide receiver on the scout team at times. And figured if he wanted to play it in the game, it was worth risking injury to the deep snapper.

“He likes it and he has fun. Don’t act like I’m a fool if one of these days the guy gets hurt in practice and he can’t snap the ball and we have to go to somebody else,” Stoops said. “You only live once and he’s only going to be here for a period of time and wants to enjoy it. He’s having fun and I find it hard not to let him.”

Loving the move

Junior Lane Johnson played exclusively at tackle and Stoops insinuated after the game that there was no need to refer to him as a tight end anymore.

“It’s going to work out wonderfully for him and for us. He’s going to end up being a really special player there whether it’s on the left or right side,” Stoops said.

Lane, who is 6-foot-6 and weighs close to 270 pounds, still needs to put on weight. But he’s clearly shown he has the footwork and the frame to handle the spot.

Showing up

Aaron Colvin, who played cornerback last season as a freshman, led the White team eight tackles and also had an interception is his first game at safety.

“Aaron Colvin is going to be a great safety, he runs around out there and really plays well,” Stoops said.

“It’s becoming more natural to me every day,” Colvin added. “Coaches are helping me learn the position more and more and it’s becoming a better fit for me.”

Clean kicks

There were kickoffs Saturday. All of Tress Way’s punts were without a rush and none of them were returned. Ryan Broyles or Kenny Stills were just back to catch them and that was it.

However, Jimmy Stevens made a pair of field goals, from 28 and 25 yards. Michael Hunnicutt was also 2-for-2 with makes from 40 and 36 yards.

Stoops said Hunnicutt has shown improvement this spring. The depth chart, however, hasn’t changed.

“The No. 1 kicker is Jimmy and if it’s from a longer distance it’s Patrick (O’Hara),” Stoops said. “Michael is right in there with them. He’s had a great spring.”

Dressed for success

Linebacker Travis Lewis played for the Red team and continued the tradition he started last season by showing up for the scrimmage decked in his side’s colors.

After the game, he showed up in the interview room wearing a St. Louis Cardinals cap, red jacket, red pants and black and red shoes.

“It’s not too flashy, but it gets the job done and makes my point: My team was superior today,” Lewis said.

Last season, he played for the White squad and was decked out in an entirely white outfit for postgame interviews.

— John Shinn